Business FTTN Internet

What you need, how YOU want it

High speed Internet is the lifeline of your business. You need fast, reliable Internet. You want no surprises, no hidden charges, unlimited usage and good service.

Now you can enjoy high speed FTTN Internet in Barrie with fast download and upload speeds, unlimited usage, no traffic shaping and no surprises. You can get award-winning service and you can get it from a company that knows computers best as part of an end to end solution.

At the end of the day you just want to focus on doing what you do best. Trust Northern Protocol to deliver high speed Internet as part of a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. Let us give you what you need, how YOU want it.

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Features of our internet

No throttling

Our servers are privately owned and never over-sold. We don’t throttle or “shape” our Internet traffic so you always get fast, reliable unrestricted Internet without the slow-downs.

Great wi-fi coverage

Our FTTN internet modems come with wireless built right in.  Get excellent, secure wireless coverage so that you can enjoy freedom to work anywhere in your office on any device.

Award-winning service

We’ve been voted best customer service by members of our community. Not only are you going to get fast, reliable internet, you’re going to get great service as well.

Do more. Worry less.

Get truly unlimited FTTN internet backed by Barrie’s best computer geeks. Rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, you only need to call one number.


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A truly enhanced experience

Get support for ANY problem

There’s one huge advantage we have over the rest. We are first and foremost the largest, most critically acclaimed computer repair company in Simcoe County. That means you only have one number to call for ALL your computer needs. No passing the buck here.  Read Northern Protocol’s reviews to see what others say.

Get the best security solutions

We do a lot of virus removals in Barrie and we research the best security solutions to help protect people.  The security landscape evolves and changes constantly, so our clients trust us to stay on top of it. That means that you can leverage that experience from true computer geeks to ensure you get the best protection.

Consistently fast to keep up with your business.

Get download speeds up to 25Mbps and upload speeds up to 7Mbps. How fast is that?

You can download
Microsoft Office 2013 3.6 mins
Quickbooks 2014 update 2.7 mins
4MB Powerpoint 1.3 secs

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