Cable Internet in Barrie

Get all the benefits of cable internet without the frustration

It’s easy to sign up for an internet service, but never easy to do anything else. At Northern Protocol we’ve set out to be different because we’ve experienced it ourselves and we sure didn’t like it. We know you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Internet doesn’t have to be a hassle.

  • Full speed, all the time

  • Local service and support

  • Easy to get an answer, no matter what the problem.

  • Easy to get started

  • Free of fine print and extra charges

It’s easy to leave

You probably never thought you’d hear that from a company trying to sell you services. That’s probably because they’re not thinking about you or the level of service they’re going to give you.  They’re thinking about how to get you hooked.

Making it easy to leave may be a risk that most aren’t willing to take. We look at it as an incentive to consistently work to earn your business and deliver a service you’re going to be happy to recommend to your friends.

The freedom of unlimited and download speeds up to 150 Mbps

Ok, so here’s the deal:

No throttling
No extra charges
No fine print
No contracts
No limitations
No kidding

Internet from $65

Get unlimited cable internet and never have to worry about how much you use your internet

Now that you don’t have to worry about overage charges.

How about some online backup?  Have you ever lost all your documents and photos to a computer crash?  We see it all the time.  That’s why we’ve built a backup service using the world’s best, most secure backup system.  Now that you have the freedom of unlimited internet you can add that layer of security without worrying about extra charges every month.

See what we did there?

Backup from $25

Make great use of your unlimited internet by securing your files with online backup

Consistently fast, no fine print

Fast internet that can keep pace with your business. With no surprises or strings attached. A contract is a string, plain and simple, so you won’t see those either. If you want their “low rates” you need to agree to a contract you can’t get out of without exorbitant costs. There’s enough things to be concerned about running a business.  Your internet service shouldn’t be one of them.

Truly unlimited internet with no throttling

Quite possibly the number one reason clients switch to us – Truly unlimited internet. We don’t oversell and overload the servers so we don’t need to slow down your internet making room to pack in more traffic from too many users.

Fast, local tech support

Another major complaint we hear is having to call India, the language barriers that go with it and “it’s not us, call your tech”.  If you need help, whatever that looks like, you call us. You’ll hear “we’ll take care of it”.

A truly enhanced experience

Get support for ANY problem

There’s one huge advantage we have over the rest. We are first and foremost the largest, most critically acclaimed computer repair company in Simcoe County. That means you only have one number to call for ALL your computer needs. No passing the buck here.  Read Northern Protocol’s reviews to see what others say.

Get the best security solutions

We do a lot of virus removals in Barrie and we research the best security solutions to help protect people.  The security landscape evolves and changes constantly, so our clients trust us to stay on top of it. That means that you can leverage that experience from true computer geeks to ensure you get the best protection.

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