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A protocol is a code of correct conduct, a standard procedure.  Northern Protocol Inc. is committed to consistently raising the standard of computer sales and repair north of Toronto.

Northern Protocol Inc. was founded in Barrie, Ontario in 1997 with the primary goal of changing how people look at computer repair and provide them with an alternative.  Our passion, our chief goal, was and still is to make people’s lives easier.

The idea didn’t take long to catch on.  Northern Protocol has grown from a small mom and pop shop to doubling the size of our facilities and a full staff of accomplished specialists.  All our staff take great pride in their work and share the same commitment to client service and satisfaction.

The more clients we help, the more we learned how frustrated people were with having to rely on numerous service providers for the various aspects of their IT needs. They explained how hard it was to get anything done, how long it took to get responses, how the delays got expensive. We realized that we needed to offer them an end to end IT solution, one point of contact for all of their needs. That we needed to simplify their IT.

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