Company Infrastructure

We’re going to keep this light, because we’re pretty sure the only people that care about every single little detail about specifications, redundancies, terabytes and gigawatts are the people that write the copy.


Northern Protocol has three offices, located in Barrie, Stayner and Alliston.

We operate our head office at 331 Bayfield St. in Barrie. This centralized, easily-accessible location serves as the nerve center for our operations. It allows us to service all your computer needs, whether that be buying a new computer, having your computer fixed or addressing any technology challenge you might face.

We have more servers on site that not only host our daily in-shop operations but also give us a test bed to explore new technologies and concepts. We can also securely remote into your network to quickly and efficiently resolve any computer problems, even if it’s just a simple configuration issue, to make sure you stay functioning at peak capacity.

All three have fully equipped shops for repairs with technicians on staff during business hours to answer questions.  These offices are all open to the public and we invite you to come by and visit us.


Our network consists of servers in Barrie, Toronto and Quebec.  There’s no sense in boring you with all the details, but we can tell you they are on an extremely fast backbone, backed up by redundant air conditioners, generators and UPS systems.  They are monitored 24 hours a day by video and biometric surveillance systems.  The servers are housed in some of the largest data center facilities in the world.

Our internet lines are provided by Bell and Rogers, while the servers themselves that handle all the requests and do all the work are privately owned.

Bottom line for you?  Services that are fast, secure and online 24/7 with precious little (if any) down time.

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