Why Choose Us?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of companies out there vying for your attention and trying to get your business. We appreciate that it’s a hard choice to make. You’re trying to decide who to trust with the entire backbone of your company. That’s a huge responsibility fraught with risk.

We simplify IT.

We offer you an end to end solution. The same company that performs your computer repair or sells you a new computer also does your networking, web hosting, servers and manages all your communications. Instead of having several people to call when your IT blows up you only have one. We take care of everything with one phone call. Talk about eliminating frustrations and making things simple!

Best Customer Service

We’ve been bestowed the honour of being voted best customer service in Simcoe County. This is a huge honour and a significant undertaking to maintain. We must constantly strive to raise the bar, to continually bring you the best service, quick resolutions, industry leading products and solid advice. Challenge accepted!

Top Tier Data Center

We deliver a privately owned, Tier Four ULC-3 Data Center. You’re probably going “Huh? What?” And that’s ok. What that means for you is that it’s a heavily reinforce (18 inch walls actually) building with fully redundant cooling systems, off the grid and fully isolated power, redundant generators, redundant network connectivity and security with 24/7 security monitoring, video surveillance and limited, logged secure key card access. More importantly, our facilities are located in Canada satisfying numerous privacy specifications. This is a state of the art facility but it all boils down to one thing. Your data and services are reliable, secure and well looked after. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Wealth of Experience

You’re getting a wealth of experience. Not only has Northern Protocol Inc. been around since March 2000, our seasoned technicians offer you a combined and vast spectrum of experience spanning well over a century. In other words, we’ve spent well over a century learning and perfecting the solutions, service and knowledge we bring you today.

Fully Diversified

We offer you a fully diversified service. As I already mentioned, we do computer repair, Mac service, custom computers, laptop repairs and sales, wireless and wired networking, project management, server sales and maintenance, web hosting, business communications, Software as a Service and security. We’ll even come to your home and hook up your Xbox. This level of integration and diversification is unprecedented in our industry. What it means to you is that it really doesn’t matter what IT challenges you might face, we can help you with one phone call. Talk about making it simple! If you’d like to learn more we invite you to visit our main site for information, tutorials and testimonials.

As President of Northern Protocol Inc. I’d like to welcome you to npiCloud, a Northern Protocol service. If there’s anything I can do for you, call me at 705.739.2.FIX (349) and ask for Aaron.

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