Get Fast, Reliable Web Hosting in Barrie

The best part of our Barrie web hosting?  It’s easy.

We all like easy, right?  Here’s how easy it is:  We’re going to help you set up your web hosting account. We’re going to transfer your website over for free.  We’re going to configure your domain.  We’re going to call you when it’s done.

Now that’s easy.

  • Easy to get started
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to get help when you need it

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You want great web hosting AND great service

Your needs and requirements are unique, yet you have one thing in common with our clients. You want good, fast, reliable web hosting in Barrie backed by great service. Northern Protocol has earned it’s reputation providing industry leading service and products.

Whether you’re a small business looking for a small and affordable web hosting package or an established business looking for new web hosting in Barrie we’re pleased to offer you a premium web hosting service to fit your needs. We’re so confident that you will be satisfied with the service that we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Get web hosting help when you need it

You probably won’t need it, but…

Truth be told, when web hosting is done right you probably won’t need much help.  It’s always up, it’s always fast, it’s always reliable and secured properly.  If you do need help, though, you’ll have an award winning team of professionals on hand.

When you call us, you’ll immediately get to a live person on the phone. We appreciate your business enough to not leave you in a long queue with an automated message assuring you that your web hosting business is appreciated.

Northern Protocol is the most critically acclaimed computer company in Barrie (in fact all of Simcoe County).  Rest assured we’re bringing you that same level of product and service to our Barrie web hosting.

Why Canadian web hosting?

Many web hosting companies, even here in Barrie, resell US web hosting. Not only are you sharing your hosting with thousands of other websites, you’re also exposing your data to a risk you may not have been aware of.The Homeland Security Act allows the US government to seize any server at any time. You never know if one of the tens of thousands of websites you share with will be considered a threat to US security until your website vanishes from the Internet.

Why our web hosting, Barrie?

When you choose our web hosting, you’re choosing an award winning team of computer specialists.  Why is that important?  Not only will we be able to help you with all your web hosting issues, we’ll also be able to help you with all your computer related issues as well.  The challenges that you might be having may not be related to your website hosting.  They may have something to do with needing computer repair.  They may have something to do with your internet connection, the software you’re using or even your web design. Because we have a team of specialists in all areas of IT, we can help you whatever the challenge might be. So by choosing Northern Protocol in Barrie’s web hosting you will never hear “It’s not our hosting, so you’ll have to call someone else to fix the problem”.

Know what you’re getting.

best-customer-serviceHow can it truly be unlimited space and bandwidth for a seemingly impossible price? Well, the “devil is in the details”, or fine print. Really it isn’t. If you use up too much you will be penalized or even have your account terminated. What it does mean is that you can expect periods of heavy server load, meaning slow website response times.With our Barrie web hosting we don’t oversell our servers and we’re not looking for bragging rights of how many websites we host. We’re a niche service, catering to the discerning client that is looking for superior, fast and reliable web hosting and support.

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What we offer you: 


Our web hosting servers give you 99.9% up time from a state-of-the-art data center with N+1 redundant power, HVAC, connectivity and security


It’s very important to have good service when something goes off. Support is available around the clock to help when you’re in a pickle.


Our Canadian CSAE 3416 Type II certified data center features 24 x 7 security monitoring and CCTV with logged biometric and secure key card access.

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