Virtual Private Cloud Servers

Virtual Private Cloud Servers in Canada

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Do you need a reliable hosted server solution without the price tag of a dedicated physical server? Our Virtual Private Cloud Servers are designed to address that need. They give you hosting across a cluster of servers to prolong and enhance the reliability of your data and prevent data loss in the event that one of the servers in the cluster fails.

Virtual Private Cloud Servers take true advantage of the Cloud, utilizing multiple resources that can easily outperform your average single-node Virtual Private Server. Because they use so much resources and require so much hardware they’re typically only available from the largest web hosting companies. Each Virtual Private Cloud Server will get it’s own portion of resources allocated by software management and each Virtual Private Cloud Server is completely independent from the next. We are pleased to be able to offer these resources to you for your business.

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50 GB $10
75 GB $20
100 GB $30
125 GB $40
150 GB $50
2000 GB $20
3000 GB $40
4000 GB $60
5000 GB $80
2 GB $15
4 GB $45
8 GB $90
16 GB $150
2 Virtual Cores $25
3 Virtual Cores $75
4 Virtual Cores $150
Operating System
CentOS Included
Ubuntu Included
Fedora Included
CPanel $20
Softaculous $5
Cloud Linux $15
Windows 2012 Standard (per core, per server) $29
Windows 2012 Data Center (per core, per server) $139
[pricing title=”Standard Server” currency=”$” price=”50″ period=”/mo” bg=”yes” color=”#ebebeb” text=”#000000″]
  • 1 Virtual Core
  • 25 GB Storage
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 GB RAM


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General Managed Services $70
Kernel and OS Updates $25
Server Side Virus Scanning $5
Event Notification $10